Downtown Detroit Renaissance: Advancing Developments

Jan 3, 2024 | Commercial Real Estate, Downtown Properties

Detroit skyline at sunset - A breathtaking view of Detroit's cityscape with vibrant colors illuminating the sky.

Detroit, MI is currently undergoing a period of significant growth and development, with numerous exciting advancements taking place. Let’s explore two recent developments that exemplify the progress happening in the city:

Downtown Detroit Business Improvement Zone (BIZ) Receives Second-Term Renewal

The Downtown Detroit Business Improvement Zone, a program dedicated to enhancing the downtown area, has recently been granted a second term renewal [1].

This renewal demonstrates the city’s unwavering commitment to improving safety, cleanliness, and overall attractiveness, all of which contribute to creating a vibrant and welcoming environment for residents, businesses, and visitors alike.

Downtown Detroit Partnership Rolls Out Information Kiosks

To further enhance the visitor experience, the Downtown Detroit Partnership has introduced information kiosks throughout the city, making valuable resources easily accessible to all [2]. These kiosks provide a convenient way for both locals and tourists to obtain information about:

  • Local attractions
  • Upcoming events
  • And various businesses

By improving accessibility and fostering a sense of connectedness, these remarkable developments serve as a testament to the ongoing progress and transformation occurring in Detroit. The city’s unwavering dedication to creating a thriving urban environment continues to attract businesses, residents, and tourists alike, making it a destination of choice for all.

[1]: To learn more about the Business Improvement Zone renewal, visit

[2]: Discover more about the information kiosks rolled out by the Downtown Detroit Partnership at

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