Hudson’s Detroit: Reviving Legacy, Redefining Skyline, & New Home of GM

Apr 23, 2024 | Commercial Real Estate, Downtown Properties, Market Insights

After years of anticipation, the last few weeks have revealed many new and exciting announcements coming to the iconic construction project at the former J.L. Hudson’s department store site downtown. The official name: Hudson’s Detroit was revealed in an announcement from Bedrock LLC, on April 12, marking the significant milestone of reaching its final height, followed by the announcements of GM’s move, and a 5-star addition.

Defined by Detroit

“The legacy lives on. Defined by Detroit, Built for the World. The name Hudson’s has graced this site since 1891 and we’re not planning on changing it now,” stated Bedrock LLC in its social media posts, encapsulating the rich heritage attached to this location.

The official name was unveiled at a “topping out” ceremony held just days before, where the final piece of structural steel was raised to crown the skyscraper component of the development. This momentous occasion, attended by stakeholders and community members alike, symbolized the culmination of years of planning and construction efforts.

A Labor of Love

The Hudson’s development project, spanning a 2.3-acre site at Woodward and Grand River avenues, has been in progress since December 2017. Comprising two buildings, the Hudson’s development promises a blend of commercial, residential, and hospitality spaces. The skyscraper is slated to house an Edition hotel, premium residential units, and office space, catering to diverse needs and preferences. It stands 685 feet tall.

Moreover, the project’s impact extends beyond its architectural significance. With more than 2,700,000 hours of recorded labor invested in its realization, the Hudson’s development stands as a testament to the talent and dedication of Detroit’s tradespeople. 

In addition to the skyscraper, the Hudson’s development includes a neighboring building with office, retail, and event space, further enriching the urban landscape. A new plaza, envisioned as a vibrant communal space, will connect the two buildings, fostering interactions and community engagement.

General Motors Calls Hudson’s Detroit Home

The momentum surrounding Hudson’s Detroit continues to build with the exciting announcement that General Motors (GM) will relocate its global headquarters to the development in 2025. This move signifies a new chapter for both entities, solidifying Detroit’s position as a hub for innovation and automotive excellence.

GM’s presence at Hudson’s Detroit will not only revitalize the building but also energize the surrounding downtown core. The skyscraper’s modern amenities and collaborative workspaces will undoubtedly resonate with GM’s forward-thinking vision. Imagine employees strolling through a vibrant public plaza, steps away from innovative retail and dining options, fostering a dynamic and interconnected work environment.

This strategic partnership between GM and Bedrock reflects a commitment to Detroit’s future. The synergy between a legendary American automaker and a visionary real estate developer promises to propel Detroit even further onto the national stage. The arrival of GM at Hudson’s Detroit is more than just a relocation; it’s a powerful symbol of Detroit’s enduring spirit and its unwavering pursuit of progress.

Detroit’s First 5 Star Hotel

The Detroit Edition will be the name of the city’s first 5-star hotel and will boast four restaurants, a stunning pool, a spacious terrace, a state-of-the-art fitness center, a relaxing spa, and a dedicated event space.

The Detroit Edition won’t just be about providing a luxurious stay; it will aspire to become a landmark destination in itself. With its impressive location within the Hudson’s, this curated experience, and its focus on showcasing Detroit’s unique character, this hotel has the potential to become a magnet for both local residents and tourists alike.

A City on the (High)-Rise

As construction progresses and the vision for Hudson’s Detroit becomes a tangible reality, it symbolizes not just a physical transformation of the city’s skyline but also a revival of its spirit and identity. Rooted in history yet poised for the future, Hudson’s Detroit represents a beacon of progress and possibility for Detroiters and visitors alike.


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