New Recreational Hub & Hotel Heading for Canton Township

Jan 8, 2024 | Company News, Retail

A revolutionary new recreational hub is underway with Keystone being a proud part in helping to organize its fruition in Canton Township. Plans are in motion for a groundbreaking recreation facility and a cutting-edge hotel. Keystone Commercial Real Estate, who listed the property for Steve Robinson of Broder Sachse Real Estate, has helped secure deals for this project whose ownership pledges to revolutionize leisure and hospitality in the area.  


A Vibrant Destination Unveiled

Spanning 55 acres on the township’s east side, this site is set to offer a diverse range of attractions. From crowd favorites like Chick-fil-A and Portillo’s to the innovative TopGolf facility, there’s something here for everyone, whether it’s a delicious meal, perfecting your swing, or enjoying a stay in the four-story hotel.


Waiting on Green Lights

Conditional rezoning and a Planned Development District (PDD) application have been on the table to ensure alignment with the township’s goals. The PDD application is pivotal, allowing developers to blend creativity with the conservation of natural amenities. On January 8th, the preliminary PDD was approved further solidifying the project. 


Flexibility, Focus, and Benefits

Canton Township’s upcoming recreational hub will feature community perks like:

  • EV charging stations
  • A bicycle parking bench and repair shop near Chick-fil-a
  • Connection to the 1-275 trail
  • FREE access for high school teams and charities at Top Golf during specific time


A Community Vision

Commissioner Sommer Foster, the Canton Township Board of Trustees representative on the planning commission, emphasized the community’s longing for a vibrant hub that draws people in and retains the younger demographic. “I think this meets that need for a lot of people in our community,” Foster remarked, underscoring the project’s potential to become a focal point for leisure and social engagement.


Anticipation Rises

Set to break ground next summer, the project eyes a grand opening in spring 2025. Canton Township’s transformative development promises a fusion of recreation, hospitality, and community-focused initiatives, poised to leave a lasting impact.   

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